MEPRO MX3- F X3 Magnifying Scope with Integrated Slide Flip Adaptor


The MEPRO MX3-F is a reflex sight magnifier with an integrated side flip adaptor. It offers 3X magnification to enhance the precision and effectiveness of Meprolight›s reflex/red dot sights (MEPRO M21, MEPRO MOR, MEPRO RDS) and other optical sights, with no need to re-zero the sights.
The MEPRO MX3-F attaches to the Picatinny rail immediately behind the reflex sight, and features
a quick release adaptor. When not being used, it is offset to the right side and can be easily flipped back into place when the shooter needs to engage targets at longer distances.
The MEPRO MX3-F is rugged, compact, lightweight,  and manufactured to the highest military standards to assure years of reliable operation.
- Compatible with optical weapon sights
- Integrated side flip adaptor
- No zeroing required
- Increases the range of effectiveness of reflex sight
- Windage and elevation knobs for precise aligment adjustment
- Simple to attach – doesn't interfere with firing
- Designed for commercial markets