1938 1939 NAZI 8 x 56R Rifle Ammo in original 10-rd. boxes


Some made by P635 = Gustloff-Werke O. Eberhardt, Patronenfabrik Hirtenberg

8 x 56R Ammo manufactured in Austria in 1938. That's about the time Hitler activated the 3rd Reich. This is true collector's stuff, made for use in Steyr Manlicher 8 x 56R rifles. The base of each 8 mm round displays the year,

VIII in Roman numerals and a Nazi eagle proofmark. The Berdan-primed, brass-cased, corrosive Ammo packs a 205-gr. boat-tail tip and a hollow base. A steel clip feed device (included) holds five rounds. Two 5-rd. clips are packed in each original box with German writing and a Nazi proofmark. Some boxes may be headstamped with a double-headed eagle (Austrian Crest). Manufactured in Austria for German Military. 

Condition: in very good shape. Don't miss this rare chance to own a piece of history! Order ONLINE Today!